Spaghetti Anywhere – Kevin Currie

The thing I like most about Spaghetti Anywhere’s ‘Kevin Currie’ are the guitars which remind me a lot of another English band called Cud. They are jangly but also full of vim as if about to career off the motorway into a ditch made of helium. The band give their stuff away for free (at this stage if it was anything else we’d be surprised) which means they’ve begun to appear in all the right indie pop purveyors throughout the blogosphere. This track is one of two off a recent single called ‘Arrochar’ (which appears to be a village in Scotland, a country to which the SA pair seem obsessed) and bring more besides the sprightly guitars, most specifically the nonchalant and off the cuff vocal turn. KD

Spaghetti Anywhere – Kevin Currie

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Year: 2011

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