Stereolab – Transona Five

This is the Stereolab we all remember, this is the Stereolab we loved, this is the Stereolab we spent a small fortune buying on import and mailorder so that our collection would be complete. Up to but not including Emperor Tomato Ketchup (can’t understand why it got such a critical and populist thumbs up) they were in our premier league that included Pavement, the Boo Radley’s and Ride. Everything was snapped up, money was no object (especially when food could be sacrificed) to get that super rare EP (that now gathers dust somewhere lofty and very dusty). Lots of things have changed but what hasn’t is the languid mastery that permeates through this song. Laetitia Sadlier’s effortless vocals are matched by the low slung organ drenched music to create a near hallucinogenic experience. Nobody got close to Stereolab in their prime, a unique and magical sound. I miss them. KD

Stereolab – Transona Five

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Year: 1994

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