SXSW 2011: Digest #7

You know I am going to miss the mindless mp3 culling sessions. Wouldn’t be doing it though if the rewards weren’t so great, see the monster list below for the evidence. Although we’ve never met we still can’t wait to see you again next year SXSW.


A quiet flower that blooms into something approaching first album Whipping Boy. My, this is good.

Sherlocks Daughter – Reprise

More Info: Sherlocks Daughter


Watch out there’s a plucked up banjo on the loose.

DREAMEND – Magnesium Light



Brazil is so over samba, it’s the groovy beaver all the way.

Holger – Beaver

More Info: Holger


A frightened rabbit scotch broth that’ll have you salivating for more.

Admiral Fallow – Squealing Pigs

More Info: Admiral Fallow


A near instrumental though nearer to being a classic of its kind.

Delicate Steve – The Ballas Of Speck And Pebble

More Info: Delicate Steve


Let it germinate and watch as words fail you.

The Seedy Seeds – Verb Noun

More Info: The Seedy Seeds


For some reason I keep picturing this band in spandex. Beats me.

Voxhaul Broadcast – Leaving On The 5th

More Info: Voxhaul Broadcast


The heavens opened but instead of rain, she reigned.

Maren Parusel – Don’t Take Your Eyes Away

More Info: Maren Parusel


The robots shall inherit the earth, lucky us.

Superhumanoids – Persona

More Info: Superhumanoids


Keep aside for the second summer of love.

Bell Gardens – Through The Rain

More Info: Bell Gardens


Sonic youthfulness with brilliant ability to strike out on ones own about half way through.

Experimental Aircraft – Paintings In The Attic

More Info: Experimental Aircraft


Industrial abrasiveness meets velvet head massage.

My Gold Mask – Violet Eyes

More Info: My Gold Mask


Sincere buys a home in the burbs of sincerity.

Ivan And Alyosha – Fathers Be Kind

More Info: Ivan And Alyosha


A guide to the cool person’s lessons in waltz.

Giant Cloud – Every Window Holds the Truth

More Info: Giant Cloud


The Dodos, the way they dreamed it would be.

Netherfriends – Bret Easton Ellis Novel

More Info: Netherfriends



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