Taragana Pyjarama – Ocean

I don’t think I’ve heard the ocean sound this nice since Candy Claws’ ‘In The Dream of The Sea Life’ and you know what I’ve missed that soothsome feeling. Taragana Pyjarama (doesn’t appear to be Danish so not sure what it means) is the work of Copenhagen artist Nick Erikson and girlfriend Sara Frandsen and ‘Ocean’ is taken from their upcoming self-titled EP on the French label Fool House. Like all the best things ‘Ocean’ winds itself up slowly before bursting into bright and vivacious life. Could find a natural berth in the Balearic’s this summer or wherever people gather to engage in hugs and other actions associated with affection with complete strangers. If this doesn’t cheer you up then you probably haven’t heard it, press play. KD

Taragana Pyjarama – Ocean

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Year: 2011

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