SXSW 2011: Digest #5

Certainly hit a wall today ploughing through the second half of the SXSW mp3 pile, the permanent bags beneath my eyes are swollen. Was worth it for the bright young things that emerged though.


A swirling wind chime from Northern Europe.

T̫g РReint Mel(i pasen din)

More Info: Tôg


A play on ‘Sexy Boy’, proves that adulthood suits him just fine.

Candi And The Strangers – Glide

More Info: Candi And The Strangers


Had that arcade fire not robbed them of every worthwhile idea.

Karkwa – Les Chemins De Verre

More Info: Karkwa


M, B and V are their 3 favourite letters and you’d have to be loveless to not agree.

Ringo Deathstarr – Imagine Hearts

More Info: Ringo Deathstarr


Straight ahead indie for those into nice uncomplicated indie.

Dizzy Eyes – Let’s Break Up The Band

More Info: Dizzy Eyes



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