Memory Map – Serpent Wings

What the feck? I haven’t heard guitars as similarly charged as this since English band Cud admitted quite categorically that ‘Oh No, Won’t Do‘. You see in the normal run of things you’d have to wait until the second minute for the chords to fully take flight. But then Indiana’s Memory Map had realised beforehand that given this song was barely 2 minutes in length they better get the fireworks in before the fade out made their introduction near bankrupt. The good news is that this short burst is just the start, quite literally so as it is the opening track on their debut album ‘Holiday Band’ which is out next month on Joyful Noise. On a related note ‘Willing Spirits’ could be my favourite short song of all time, on an even more related note D.M. Stith provides backing vocals on the song below. A perfect bundle of joy. KD

Memory Map – Serpent Wings

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Year: 2011

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