Phantom Vibration – Burlington

This is pretty unique stuff from a brand new band called Phantom Vibration from Minnesota. They are especially out on their own as the organ is so high in the mix on several tracks, almost takes me back to my mass going days except this time I’m all ears at the sermon. The ‘Kids’ EP is available as a free download and bring lots of variety even though it is over after a mere 4 tracks. The quality of the playing is really impressive with fiddle, celeste and the aforementioned organ making grand statements throughout. And with a singer that sounds all the world like Martin McCann from Sack it makes for a spellbinding brew. This isn’t one for chorus purists as the songs glide by rather peak and valley but the important thing is that it works wonderfully well. Can’t wait to see where this choir of young believers go next. KD

Phantom Vibration – Burlington

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Year: 2011

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