Seadog – Around The Corner

I’m sure we could go much further back for inspiration but today I feel like stopping at Cosmic Rough Riders. For that is what I’m hearing in the wonderfully understated ‘Around The Corner’ from Brighton’s Seadog. This sort of stuff is really our bread and butter, slightly lo-fi pop with bright melodies managing to look beyond their dishevelled surroundings. Mark Nathan Benton is the creative force behind the band and has already knocked out 2 EP’s, both of which he fashioned by hand and are being sold as physical objects known as CD’s (imagine that kids, is he mad?). Must say I am with Benton though in his last century pursuit because it is an undisputed pleasure unwrapping something and placing it in a player when the results are as gorgeous as ‘Around The Corner’. KD

Seadog – Around The Corner

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Year: 2009

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