The Instruments – Sounds Electric

Despite what you might think this is no soundtrack from a forgotten 70’s cop series. Believe me I wish it was. No, the Instruments are very much a modern day phenomenon, albeit one that has its hind legs sturdily in combos who’ve come and gone. The band is a collective made up of Elephant 6 bodies (it would be remiss to call any such associations anything other than a collective) led by cello player, songwriter and vocalist Heather McIntosh. This lounge lizard of a song arrived in 2008 with the bands’ third recording ‘Dark SmÃ¥land’ (it being a town in Sweden) and just smouldered with intensity. The sort of intensity that rarely sees the light of day it must be said, leaving it as something to admire but at a safe ten paces distance. KD

The Instruments – Sounds Electric

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Year: 2008

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