Tune-Yards – My Country

I’ve no idea who Tune-Yards is, every time I’ve tried to listen in the poor itty bitty ditty has bitten dust before the half minute mark. Explain then how ‘My Country’ has turned my ears to chocolate and the rest of my body is licking them like some sort of lost chapter from the Kama Sutra. Not inclined to to do a wiki, bio or label excursion to fill in the blanks, especially so in the case of someone with a fixation on uneven capitalisation. Yeah, it drives me to distractionville and then takes a diversion back to whocaresburb with the result that Tune-Yards is written that way on this blog and n0t tHE WaY iT w0s suPPosed To bE. Brill song though (links to more info below, see I’m not all laze and bitterness). KD

Tune-Yards – My Country

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Year: 2011

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