The Ruling Class – Flowers

Nobody does Northside/Wendys/Roses/Blur and a slew of other early baggies with quite the same dash as the Ruling Class from Sweden. Not sure how it sounds to those for whom madchester and baggy in particular means nowt but for my generation this contemporary capsule could well involve journey’s to attic boxes containing bell bottom trousers. While the leg ends will probably still do the trick there may be some issues around the waist but that won’t stop us from dancing monkey like to the strains of ‘Flowers’. Not at all the Ruling Class’s best song (check ‘Umbrella Folds‘, ‘Sleeping Beauty‘ for that accolade) but it still must have sent a shiver of delight down Shelflife‘s collective torso’s when it shimmied into earview. Nostalgia hasn’t the best of reputations so an opportunity to savour it while discovering something new should grabbed on this occasion. KD

The Ruling Class – Flowers

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Year: 2008

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