Winter Villains – Icebergs

Bands like Winter Villains are the reason why mp3hugger exists. There is no feeling I know that quite matches the discovery of a great new band, a creative on the cusp of greatness. And all this from the mere 2 tracks they have to their name, ‘Patterns’ and ‘Icebergs’. I’m sure we’ll be returning to the former at some stage but for the moment let’s concentrate on the latter. For speed-readers here you go ““ Call To Mind ““ Grizzly Bear ““ Super Furry Animals ““ British Sea Power. In the case of ‘Icebergs’ there is also a hint of Efterklang and coincidentally enough in their song ‘Cutting Ice To Snow’. Vocally lush it is devoid of meaningful lyric but then most people end up dumbfounded when faced with a 60-foot mountain of ice. It is to their credit that the Cardiff band have captured that awestruck feeling given that ‘bergs have yet to reach the Welsh coast (but then maybe global warming is accelerating). Icy breath, frozen body parts and the realisation that nature will forever outstrip human invention can all be yours for the price of 3 minutes in the company of this swoonsome new band. KD

Winter Villains – Icebergs

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Year: 2011

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