Digits – Nonstop

I always knew Digits had something but for some reason his music never added up (!) for me. And this despite some lovely mails from the man himself (he signs off as Alt Altman), a patience and understanding nature that I’ve only experienced once so far with Brian from Beat Radio. Manners is one thing but without a spark in the output there really wouldn’t be much point. So I poured over Digits’ releases, most recently his ‘Lost Dream’ EP but also his debut LP from 2009 called ‘Hold It Close’. And that’s where this Montag sounding (who incidentally also comes from Canada) piece is taken from. This won’t slap you in the face, its careful caresses take time to work their magic. Meditative electronica you could call it, the grand union between carefully delivered vocals and soft digital waves. Digits finally gets those fingers tapping (!). KD

Digits – Nonstop

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Year: 2009

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  1. selorm denu
    May 1, 2011

    “Meditative electronica”….I couldn’t of said it better myself. How do I get in contact with him?

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