Bodies Of Water – Open Rhythms

Not that I get a chance to do it much anymore but I do love the task of eeking out a tune befitting of a quiet, reflective Sunday morning (aren’t they all). A time of the week when eyelids barely muster the effort it takes to see what is going on outside, a space that was once occupied by long since abandoned religious activities but still retains a RPM that is distinctly LP in orientation. ‘Open Rhythms’ fits the bill with a studied grace, Meredith and David Metcalf having found a comfortable groove. This has meant their music has to try less hard and instead carries itself confidently in the knowledge that it has become what they had imagined it would for so long. It’s another in a short series of taster’s from Bodies of Water’s upcoming ‘Twist Again’ album. Looks like that’ll be a dozen or so upcoming Sunday morning’s taken care of so. KD

Bodies Of Water – Open Rhythms

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Year: 2011

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