Girls Names – I Lose

Belfast band Girls Names have snagged the attention of some of the coolest record labels imaginable but remain a distinctly underground presence back home. Pitchfork loves the 3-piece as does the blogosphere so recognition will eventually filter back to base I’m sure. Their debut LP ‘Dead To Me’ has just been released on the legendary Slumberland Records and comes a mere 2 years after they formed (initially as a duo). They’ve even managed to squeeze out a 4 track EP on Captured tracks, which is home to the similarly wired Beach Fossils, Craft Spells and (slightly less so) Wild Nothing. Girls Names trade on the past and as much as they sound like 1986 they could also well be the sound of 2011 in what could be a lavish quarter-century anniversary spectacle. The band are purposely underproduced which suits their high voltage chords (often Wedding Present sounding) and Jesus & Mary Chain vocal lines. ‘Dead To Me’ whizzes by revealing endless highlights, chief among them being the spinning top that is ‘I Lose’. Girls Names are going to be on everyone’s lips before too long. KD

Girls Names – I Lose

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Year: 2011

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