Loney, Dear – Violent

Explosions In The Sky used to be able to do it, Venice Is Sinking still can and for the period from 2006 to 2009 Loney, Dear was capable of making me cry at drop of a hat. It’s a bit embarrassing when you have to wipe liquid from your eyes in public so the records in question became very private experiences. Behind closed doors I could sniffle all I liked and nobody was worried I was cracking up. I think in the case of Emil Svanängen (he is Loney, Dear) a lot of it has to do with his vocals which are drenched in sadness, the music too is slightly ruffled as if it has spent a night alone on a bench in the park. I want to embrace it but the damn computer’s hard casing keeps getting in the way. I’ll lock the door behind me. KD

Loney, Dear – Violent

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Year: 2008

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