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I don’t know any of the people behind the sites I read most days. In many ways it is not necessary because the base urge is to find new music rather than forge new friendships. Of course even bloggers like me are human so connections are inevitable. I’ve never met her in person but from our intermittent online correspondence and more especially her intuitive writing I feel I do. Nobody cares about music from this island as much as Nay McArdle, I’m convinced of it. Not only that but she has courage in her convictions, I’ve seen her battle her corner in the face of a mob who’ve backed the big guy to curry favour. The problem with 95% of opinion is that it is grounded in what others think and is then used as a vehicle to build alliances or to be seen as cool. For this reason individual thinking becomes a rare commodity. I’ve seen it play out so many times, it’s laughable really, the back slapping culture that pervades amongst bloggers and their worshipers. What sets Nay apart is that she writes from the heart, her words are undiluted and oblivious of the pressures to conform. I hope that this is only a minor blip and that she will continue to prove that a deep love for something and an undoubted talent is the essence of a successful career. KD

Deerhunter – Never Stops

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Year: 2008

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