Lover Lover – Freebirds

Might be the fact that I own and love a record by Fleetwood Mac (‘Tango In The Night’ if you must know) that drew me so eagerly to Lover Lover’s ‘Freebirds’. From the very first second the soft unhurried electronic pulses had won me over, even more so when Eleanor Bodenham’s mature sounding vocals (Stevie Nicksy) joined them. Lover Lover are brand new but appear to have a galley of important names behind them so success is more or less inevitable. But this is no vacuous marketing device as ‘Freebirds’ identifies a genuine songwriting talent (the appropriately named Martin Craft who is the other half of the duo). Can’t wait until they really catch the bull by the Tusk on their next release. KD

Lover Lover – Freebirds

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Year: 2011

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