Shoreline Is – Living Things

Communications that arrive in to us with a degree of personal tailoring are likely to get more attention. Human nature really I guess and a nod that we are deserving of more than a bcc now and then. Dortmund 3-piece went exactly this route the other day, explaining what they were about and how they’d be a good fit for this blog. Of course it matters that their music is excellent but following their email I spent a good hour in the company of their songs. They admit they come from an industrial part of Germany but that it had a huge influence on their dreampop leanings. There’s no denying their influences come from a couple of decades ago and as you’d expect that is just honey to the ears of grandpa hugger. ‘Living Things’ opens their first demo which is available for free on bandcamp. It is quite a catch, more electrogaze than its purer early nineties incarnation but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. A rub of history and an earful of the future. Factory records, don’t you just love them. KD

Shoreline Is – Living Things

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Year: 2011

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