Adventures In Stereo – Underground Sound

Has there been a better song written about the sound from the underground? I doubt it and it’s probably unlikely to be surpassed any time soon. Although Glasgow’s Adventures In Stereo featured members from Primal Scream and Spirea X they flirted with an east coast sound with Judith Boyle’s vocals recalling Spector’s girl groups. They released 4 LP’s but it was their self-titled debut that impressed most. Over 18 short head spinning tracks the trio flirted with all manner of retro sounds that perfectly imagined how a perfect summer soundtrack should be. The peach of course was ‘Underground Sound’ with its luscious cascading harmonies and bar-blues progression. The only pity is that it finishes too soon. Fail to love, don’t love music. KD

Adventures In Stereo – Underground Sound

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Year: 1997

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