Stereolab – Super-Electric

To paraphrase a popular combo from the west of Ireland, I used to love them, I used to love them once. You see Stereolab excited me like no other band for a period in the 90’s. I bought every one of their releases, singles, EP’s, flexi discs, LP’s, it just made no difference because what they were recording so tapped into what gave me tingles. Their audiac was my heroin and I was willing to suffer in all other parts of my disposable income reliant life to witness first hand what they had cooked up. To this day efforts like ‘Low Fi’, ‘Transporter Sans Boucher’, ‘French Disko’, ‘Le Boob Oscillator’, ‘Transona Five’ and ‘Super-Electric’ soil what is for the most part a calm individual. They make me want me to climb mountains barefoot with a telescope and then wait until nightfall so I can contact other beings to let them know that we have the perfect band to play at the inaugural interplanetary get together. Let you know when it is happening. KD

Stereolab – Super-Electric

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Year: 1992

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