Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed

Music blogs get a hard time for posting the same songs but it’s easy to forget that the traditional media have never been known to not publish a story just because everyone else was running with it. If a song is all over the blogosphere like a rash then it is generally down to the fact that it is pretty brilliant. Like Washed Out’s newbie ‘Eyes Be Closed’, barely a day old and yet it has infiltrated hobby pages right around the globe. And here is a +1 from us, as much to celebrate the fact that Ernest Greene, a bedroom creative, has just signed to Sub Pop as for the euphoric grandeur of ‘Eyes Be Closed’. Without the internet rumble it is unlikely that these 2 would have met so it is a small victory for those who don’t subscribe to the belief that the web is killing music (everyone knows that was home taping). KD

Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed

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Year: 2011

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