Cloudy Busey – Broken By Inertia

Bob Willey lives in Osaka and peddles his musical endeavours through Ice Cream Shout. Just to confuse us he also records under Cloudy Busey and it is here that we take up his story, or to be more precise his music. Willey had been sitting on ‘Broken By Inertia’ for some years, the inactivity (!) has done little to tarnish the downright electrifying personality of the tune however. No way was locking this beauty in a box ever going to bring it down. As is the way with these things ‘Broken By Inertia’ has the feel of an 1980’s electro anthem, yet it breaks from those shackles to create a euphoric modern electro-dance classic that’ll appeal to more than just the kids in America. KD

Cloudy Busey – Broken By Inertia

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Year: 2011

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