the innocence mission – Tomorrow On The Runway

By day she tends to their 3 young children and he works as a carpenter. By night or whenever the little ones are asleep they dream of their music being played on radio stations around the world. We speak of course of the husband and wife team of Karen and Don Peris who form the fulcrum of the innocence mission (lowercase). This musical endeavour have been active since the early 1980’s and for a time they played amongst the giants at a major label, even reaching inside the Top 200 of the Billboard charts at one stage. They appear to have found their natural berth at Badman Recording Co. (a label we hold in high esteem) and ‘Tomorrow On The Runway’ is taken from their first record together, the 2003 ‘Befriended’. While it is hardly the same as global radio airplay, it might prove to be a tiny consolation that the innocence mission’s output is on constant rotation in a little part of Dublin central. KD

the innocence mission – Tomorrow On The Runway

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Year: 2003

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