Last Days of 1984 – River’s Edge

Well it had to happen some time I suppose, so we should be thankful that when it did it was a goodie. I talk about the proliferation of tropical electronica in the wake of Animal Collective’s rise to prominence and the fact that we now have our own contributor to the genre in the shape of Last Days of 1984 (that’s not strictly their name, they have 2 heavily fonted triangles either side but I couldn’t be arsed trying to get that to work on wordpress). The men behind the new act are Brian Rice and Darren Moloney who used to be in Betamax Format (now defunct, oh the irony). ‘River’s Edge’ is almost 5 minutes long, and lucky too as it only slowly reveals itself, reaching a peak when the vocals climax. It’s all well and good dallying in electro gadgets but it’s the quality of the human parts that distinguish songs of this ilk. On that basis ‘River’s Edge’ is a winner, Orwell in Irish electronica circles it seems. KD

Last Days of 1984 – River’s Edge

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Year: 2011

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