Robin Goodfellow – The Five Points

It was probably a bit infantile that I sniggered when I read that the free release label Romantic Air Recording Company themselves to RAR (as in .rar, oh you giant saddo). Anyway, not that we’ve been attached at the hip but most things that this mysterious (they seem impervious to email conversations, but then they probably heard me snigger above) lot put out proves to be quite a treat for ears such as ours. Their latest batch of free songs come from Michigan’s Robin Goodfellow, in the shape of 6-track EP called ‘New Age Kastle’, who creates an arresting form of non-genre specific noise. This sounds like a cross between the entertainment in the court of King Arthur and the singing by the kids from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. In essence it is more than mildly abstract but we love it for that very reason. Top tapping on leave, mind engaged, not yet Christmas and mp3s filing from their zipped up holding. KD

Robin Goodfellow – The Five Points

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Year: 2010

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