Emilie Mover – Made For Each Other

Nick Jr. is not really a place that I’ll frequent once our little one is shot of it but sometimes the place it does surprise me. On this occasion in the form of an advert for a Fischer Price toy and the sweet music that gives it such a gentle jolt. Quite surprisingly that particular corporation is giving ‘Made For Each Other’ by Emilie Mover away for free from their site and for that we can easily forgive all the unexpected midnight bleeps and rattles from their output. Mover comes from Toronto and has a couple of albums to her name including 2010’s ‘Le Pop Fantastique’ which contained this silken gem. She produces simple ditties, unencumbered by production frivolty and blessed with genuine pop nous. To her it really is just kids play. KD

Emilie Mover – Made For Each Other

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Year: 2011

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