Rotary Connection – Christmas Child

I sometimes scratch my head at the quality of Christmas music from yesteryear. The stuff that fails to register at both the tills and the playlists but quite simply dwarves the nonentities we have to suffer each December. It’ll be Ray Conniff’s turn in a couple of days but on the 2nd last weekend before 2011 turns all rosey cheeked and fireside bound here is Chicago’s impossibly groovy Rotary Connection. In 1968 the pschedelic outfit released a magical Christmas album called ‘Peace’ which tore the festive songbook to shreds. It was quite the kindle for any party, sadly it seems not that many cottoned on to that fact. ‘Christmas Child’ is all over the place, full of energetic side turns and offbeat personalities. A true Van Allen Belt gang for the 60’s. KD

Rotary Connection – Christmas Child

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Year: 1968

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