Jessica Jalbert – Paris Green

Sometimes it gets rather boring, all this immediate gratification of the digital age. Have you posed with friends for a group photo lately? The camera makes the rounds until all parties are satisfied that they look suitable for inclusion on Facebook. If an eye is closed or a hair is out of place, the photo goes to the trash bin and and it’s time to try again until the results are perfect. It can be tedious, especially if your friends have prima-donna tendencies.

Edmonton, AB’s Jessica Jalbert makes music that harkens back to the days when photographs were taken on rolls of film and “portable music player” meant toting a brick-sized Walkman and a handful of cassettes. Though it came out just this Fall, the track ‘Paris Green’ captures the atmosphere of another era entirely. Like browsing snapshots in an old photo scrapbook, some edges may be frayed but the colors and hues take on an almost dreamlike quality when aged.

Jessica Jalbert’s full length, ‘Brother Loyola’ is available on vinyl, cd, on one of those pesky newfangled digital media via her Bandcamp page or from the wonderfully named Old Ugly Recording Company.

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Jessica Jalbert – Paris Green

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Year: 2011

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