Orbital – Never

I’ve already said that I’d rather go to a rugby match than see the Stone Roses in the Park during the summer (their debut is far and away my fave album ever) so it came as a bit of a double whammy when the Screamadelica show of a couple nights ago was such a letdown. You promise you are going to play the album as it was recorded but instead it turns out back to front, mashed-up and bookended by the insanely awful ‘Rocks’. I was close to tears but then as per usual I quickly fell in love with the thought of another auld favourite retreading the boards. Seems Orbital are not that precious either (in a progressive, nice nod to modern industry directions) to keep the music to themselves as ‘Never’ has been available to download for free for over 2 months. It is the first taster from their upcoming 8th album in April and boy has my head been out there somewhere (?) since its arrival. Am I enthused, you could very say so. KD

Orbital – Never

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Year: 2011

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