The Ambience Affair – The Fallen

It must seem like a very odd thing for a music blogger to say but as the years tick by the less and less I find myself listening to whole albums. Not sure if you are born with ADD or can acquire it but it seems that as more and more music crosses my path the less and less I appear to be listening to it. Not that that I’ve in any way fallen out of love, the opposite in fact, but at about 3 songs through my mind begins to wonder about the next collective on the horizon. I do make exceptions though for bands who I know are worth the effort. One being the Ambience Affair and their recently released album ‘Burials’ which is the epitome of a slow burner. And one that probably goes over the head of a large cohort of potential fans. If I’m honest it took some time to sink in, it was only after about 3 sittings at the part where ‘The Fallen’ fleshes out via the intervention of some strings that it really made sense. ‘Burials’ is a record that could only have been made by an Irish band (that seething melancholy) but in many ways it sounds distinctly un-Irish. Perhaps the Ambience Affair purposely made it this way but what is not in doubt is their attention to detail (the devil is in the detail as they told us so eloquently on an early release). There are hidden crevices that need exploring throughout and only when you’ve mapped out each and every one does the album reveal itself. The Ambience Affair still have some way to go but when the moment arrives they will be truly something to behold.

The Ambience Affair – The Fallen

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Year: 2011

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