Slowdive – Machine Gun

What with Reading getting promoted it’s probably apt that one of her most famous (sorta) bands is rolled out for old times sake. And boy did this 5-piece have a lasting influence, to this day my mind often wanders back to their floppy fringes and perfect indie girl singer. The music for its part was a hypnotic brand of shoegaze and along with MBV they were the poster-boys for the genre. Slowdive’s back catalogue, while quite slight (3 albums and some incandescent early singles), had at least half a dozen bona fida classics. This is one of them from their middle album ‘Souvlaki’, which along with ‘When The Sun Hits’ epitomised the bands swirling psychedelic montages. It still sends tingles, even more so if you can rent a smoke machine for the afternoon. KD

Slowdive – Machine Gun

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Year: 1993

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