Al Scorch – Working Dream

Coming from the West of Ireland I was naturally indoctrinated in the art of traditional music. Hardly worked though as in my infinite wisdom I chose to ignore every strain of the genre that came my way. I was to return, of course, as maturity set in but that reconnection was only kick-started after falling head over heels for the soundtrack to a movie called ‘Southern Comfort’. In that case it was a hypnotic raw form of Cajun, with old-man vocals and boisterous fiddles opening the door to the sounds from back home. I was reminded of that kinetic energy on Al Scorch’s, decidely laidback, ‘Working Dream’ which stood out from the vast crowd of indie numbers that populate my daily soundtrack. Scorch calls it country-soul but has said his sound has Irish origins which probably explains why it feels so attractive to these ears. There is plenty more goodness to be found on the Chicago mans ‘Tired Ghostly Town’ from last year. KD

Al Scorch – Working Dream

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Year: 2011

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