Slow Magic – Corvette Cassette

This has such an overriding sense of Washed Out splendour that it makes me want to open up a bar in a relaxed resort on a Greek island. A little spot that has thusfar attracted little fanfare. Nothing too different inside save for 2 reels playing on a loop on opposite walls, the first featuring scenes from the Hacienda and the other selected clips from Man of Aran. The dancefloor will be steeped in retro with coloured flashing tiles identifying a small but not insubstantial space. The first couple of weeks will be tough but each night’s opening will be characterised by a single tune, ‘Corvette Cassette’ by Slow Magic. The rented manequins, no more than half a dozen and dressed in appropriate regalia, will fill the dance space. The attention given to the lighting will facilitate that decent crowd impression for those that peer in from the doorway or the street outside. Our population will be late 20-somethings onwards, the types have recently coupled and feel a bit divorced from the hubbub of danceville but not at all resigned to a fate involving an acoustic guitar and ‘Galway Girl’. Understated euphoria is what we’ll be aiming for and with ‘Corvette Cassette’ by our side we might just get there. KD

Slow Magic – Corvette Cassette

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Year: 2012

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