Spirit Spine – Delta

Joseph Denney has had to put up with a tumultuous year, one that saw his world spin on its axis. Luckily though his musical craft remains undisturbed, if anything it may have even been reinvigorated. Not that it needed to a great deal when you consider the colossus that was ‘Ocean of Sand’ from his last album (see the video below). His new album ‘Atlantic Downs’ takes off like a steam train making the sort of heavy duty noises that you’d hardly expect a computer to make. Denney feeds his own vocals through the maelstrom of course but the overriding impression is one of audio made by robots with enhanced A.I., built for the sole purpose of reinventing electronica. ‘Delta’ is a powerful affirmation of the scientist’s work because above all it displays a bulging human heart. Watch this boy fly. KD

Spirit Spine – Delta

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Year: 2012

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