Breakfast In Fur – Whisper

Breakfast In Fur

Here is a brand new New York collective that know their stuff. I mean how else could you explain the intricacies in their assembly’s, the masterful clothes horse from which they hang their elaborately woven delights? It takes a lot of skill to get this good and even more to sound very much like the Velvet Underground and not appear like you’re descending into pastiche. I played ‘I’m Waitin’ For The Man’ and ‘Whisper’ in unison and while there wasn’t direct parallels the similarities were apparent. Why then you might ask has ‘Whisper’ found itself in a soft tangle with my affections. Probably down to the air of majesty it creates and if you are going to coin a great you may as well and go for the highest denomination. Even Venus herself might purr. KD

Breakfast In Fur – Whisper

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Year: 2012

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