I Am Kloot – Even The Stars

I Am Kloot

Got into I Am Kloot while on a major record buying bender in Sydney over a decade ago. I liked the look of the cover of their ‘Natural History’ album and the rest just fell into place. And for all that I’m not sure I’ve ever fully taken to John Bramwell’s vocals, must be my rigid adherence to fey boy types that makes him sound a tad gravelled. Back in the early days ‘To You’ was a song both my wife and I were seduced by, so naked and unashamed it just entranced. At the time we hadn’t realised that Guy Garvey had a big hand in ‘Natural History’s making (producing and supplying backing vocals) but looking back it all makes sense. And here we are 5 albums/12 years later with Elbow’s finest again producing what is perhaps I Am Kloot’s most satisfying album to date. In fact I liked ‘Let It All In’ so much the first time I heard it I listened to it twice (not bad given my ADD like shifting from band to band tenancies). Neither ‘Even The Stars’ or ‘Masquerade’ have been earmarked as singles but they are precisely my favourites numbers from the album. Mostly because they’ve tendered Bramwell’s vocals in a different light, yep, we’re becoming closer and a love affair that began at the turn of the century looks like its going from strength to strength. KD

I Am Kloot – Even The Stars

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Year: 2013

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