Dancing Heals – Live and Learn

Dancing Heals

What is it about Melbourne bands and their impossibly high falsettoed frontmen? First we had the knockout vocals offered by Dougy Mandagi of the Temper Trap and in his wake is the equally high pitched Daniel Trakell of Dancing Heals. Not that we’re complaining because both singers offer a porthole into the world of a vocalist that was born to do what he does. Dancing Heals may still have a way to go to reach that level of sweet disposition but ‘Live and Learn’ showcases their undoubted promise. The song is taken from their self-funded debut ‘Into The Night’ which came out in 2012. A new EP is due this Spring and we’re confident that Dancing Heals will be all over the coolest dancefloors sometime soon afterwards. KD

Dancing Heals – Live and Learn

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Year: 2011

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