Low – Just Make It Stop


Minnesota 3-piece Low do not have to release a new record to have us in raptures each year. That’s because come December our hearts swell with the love that their ‘Christmas’ EP keeps on giving. Of course things take a turn for the even better when they put out a new LP, and their 10th effort ‘The Invisible Way’ is due on Sub Pop around Paddy’s. There are two precious precursor’s doing the rounds at the moment, one of which, ‘Just Make It Stop’, pitches Mimi Parker’s vocals to the fore. While never ever troubling the notion of euphoria the tune has a certain swagger that marks it out as an unusual in Low’s back catalogue. Not that we’re complaining because this is stellar stuff, all tied together nicely by Jeff Tweedy’s guiding hand. KD

Low – Just Make It Stop

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Year: 2013

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