David Wax Museum – Will You Be Sleeping?

David Wax Museum

There are bands that make songs that sound like they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at it. Unfortunately this can often end up like a kitchen sink filled with greasy delf and cutlery. But not when you have an act as practised and crafty as the David Wax Museum (yeah, one of them is called David Wax and he just added the 3rd word for fun). They have a style all of their own, so self-styled in fact that they’ve actually called it ‘Mexo-Americana’. Makes sense and its hardly surprising that they’ve drawn comparisons to that equally motley sounding Calexico. ‘Will You Be Sleeping?’ was the opening track from the Wax’s 4th album ‘Knock Knock Get Up’ and really is a wake up call for anyone not yet sold on the Boston bands’ brand of audio trickery. KD

David Wax Museum – Will You Be Sleeping?

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Year: 2012

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