The Glee Club – No Reason

The Glee Club

If like me you run from any room that features programming that includes nauseating brats doing grossly overdone cover versions please be assured that this band has nothing to do with that franchise. The truth is that the Glee Club have long since departed this earth but Joanne Loughman and Hugh O’Carroll left a series songs behind that are long overdue some reappreciation. Their one and only album ‘Mine’ was released in 1994 by Setanta Records (also home to the Frank & Walters) and was licensed by 4AD worldwide. A pretty big deal for a Galway act who had started out as the Swinging Swine. ‘No Reason’ was the album’s lead single and exhibited everything the Glee Club stood for. Namely a love for the Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine and a twist of the traditional. This meant there were shoegaze elements aplenty with Loughman’s vocals adding the necessary grace and balance to the sometimes white noisey background. So old in fact is this song that it skips a little towards the end, no ropey mp3 either, genuine vinyl abrasion. Can’t beat a bit of crackle in your pop, the braces wearing mannequins could learn a thing or two methinks. KD

The Glee Club – No Reason

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Year: 1994

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