Male Bonding – Bones

Male Bonding

Just as long as there are bands like Male Bonding doing the rounds we can safely say that guitar music is not dead. Nor going to die anytime soon as it appears that the London lads (still don’t know how that happened as they seem so across the pondesque) are currently recording new tracks. Their last recorded dispatch was way back in 2011 when ‘Endless Now’ carried on the good work of predecessor ‘Nothing Hurts’. ‘Bones’ is typical of their straight-ahead brand of indie rock, and I hope that doesn’t sound in the least bit boring as this song is anything but. And if you still think that way it will surely pound you to dust with its pummelling nature. Could almost be Idlewild circa their first two albums, yep, it’s that terrifically good. KD

Male Bonding – Bones

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Year: 2011

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