Program – Waiting


Program are a band not afraid to speak of their frailties and have in the past scrapped completed recordings because they didn’t feel right. They’re striving for perfection, while acknowledging that that particular goal might be an impossible one. Thankfully one song did escape the scrapheap thanks to David Newfeld of Broken Social Scene who has taken the band under his wing. ‘Waiting’ will predominately trigger thoughts of Joy Division but it has the incendiaries of a long lost Adorable track (Coventry world beaters). Only pure emotive reasoning and an ability to translate that to a set of instruments/the human voice could have produced this epic squall of sound. There is an equally affecting piece of promo to go with it and one wonders what diamonds could have been produced had every band had Program’s sense of inner quality control. ‘Waiting’ is a nuclear bomb without any casualties or peripheral damage and is undoubtedly one of the songs of the year so far. KD

Program – Waiting

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Year: 2013

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