Swimming In Speakers – Mind Does Take

Swimming in Speakers

‘Guessing The Others’ is perhaps as acutely wanderlustful as indie pop gets. Can’t be fogging up those thick rimmed spectacles now can we, so for all the curveballs thrown by this New York duo there are twice as many tender turns. Makes for an intriguing listen, one that belies the clues left by Swimming in Speakers electro tinged single from 2009 called ‘In Knowing’. It is present on the new album but is just one of at least half a dozen different personalities that, amongst others, reveal classic chanteuse, trad pop, bedroom electronica and twee moments. By throwing in so much variety Swimming in Speakers risk alienation but instead they’ve pulled 16 eclectic tracks into a deep and meaningful whole. KD

Swimming In Speakers – Mind Does Take

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Year: 2013

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