Splashh – Sun Kissed Bliss


And so we return to these anglopodean wonderkids for the 3rd time in as many months. Really like the cut of their early 90’s jib you see and you’ve got to applaud any tune that involves the sun when it’s minus something outside. The quartet’s debut album ‘Comfort’ is due in early June and if they can keep the consistency as high as everything they’ve put out thusfar it will be something to behold. ‘Sun Kissed Bliss’ is a forerunner and has the insouciance of a band who are flying from the seat of their collective pants (slightly baggy I’m guessing). Sasha Carlson’s vocals are perfectly tailored to the ragged beehive guitars, takes talent and youth to sound this liberated. KD

Splashh – Sun Kissed Bliss

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Year: 2013

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