Tandem Felix – Third Degree Burns

Tandem Felix

In the year of our lord 2011 I went a bit mental for a set of songs recorded by a quartet from Dublin called Tandem Felix. They had put out the recordings in 2009, under the working title of ‘Tweedledee’, and went to great lengths to explain that they were neither there for commercial gain nor had been fashioned using any of the fancy studio gimmickry one would expect of modern day releases. Despite this I was in love but wondered if their’s was a mere jaunt into hobby horsing. Well the same group are back and this time they mean business, all polished up, extremely professional sounding and not losing any of the special something that made them sound so intriguing in the first place. Their 5-track EP ‘Popcorn’ is due for release next month and is a mouth-watering blend of early Verve, mid-period Radiohead and latter day Sigur Ros. Surprised the mp3s haven’t start to skip, pop and crackle such is the seeing to I’ve given them. Especially ‘Third Degree Burns’ with its Grizzly Bear/Velvet Underground tendencies and altogether weighty ensemble of elegant twists and turns. What a breathtaking prospect this band are. KD

Tandem Felix – Third Degree Burns

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Year: 2013

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