We Are Trees – Teenage Heartbreak

We Are Trees

It probably sounds close to ridiculous now given the current state of technological advancement but I can clearly remember getting our first landline phone installed and the highlight for many weeks being the moment it actually rang. Everything stopped through the sheer amazement that another human voice could be at the end of the line. When it came to discovering new music the electronic wizardry available was extremely limited, confined to specialised radio shows in the evening and with the new phone on the go I often had to give them a miss too. Nowadays the possibilities are endless, afforded by iPad‘s, mobile apps, streaming radio, tablet PC‘s etc., to easily search and located a new band that might be making the sort of sound to suit your taste. 8-tracks is my current fave, probably due to my historical allegiance to mixtape creation, because delights of all sorts can pop out at any time. It was here that the grandeur of We Are Trees ‘Teenage Heartbreak’ revealed itself, like a fleeting fox from the blue to eradicate any feelings I had of that same colour. Back in the day it could have only happened had someone decided to ring us and play it following a previous press play and record series of finger motions. And wasn’t that sort of thing just killing music? Hooray for advancement, we’ll never be bored again thankfully. KD

We Are Trees – Teenage Heartbreak

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Year: 2011

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