Biggles Flys Again – Chambers

Conor Deasy of Biggles Flys Again

My brother, although a dear sibling of mine, is notoriously hard to please when it comes to new music. Much like that old lady Whelan(‘s) his soundtrack mostly stopped adding newbies around 1993 and for that I do respect him for it is quite the classic indie quilt, if a little frayed around the edges at this stage. Try and pass off new music as a going concern and he’ll rightly put it through its paces, attempt it through a flaky internet connection and a first generation smart phone and the odds are truly stacked against the trembling piece of audio. This brave move occurred in the wilds of a near cyberless Clare at the weekend and yet as we speak the melody welding prowess of Dublin’s Biggles Flys Again has attained an impressive new flag bearer. Should have known given the strength of the goods on offer, the delightful olde style colour of ‘Friends’ and ‘Old Pop Song’ and the tender experimental shapes thrown by my favourite track from debut album, ‘Remember Saturday’, ‘Chambers’. Instead of creeping up on you slowly this song leaves enough breadcrumbs to suck you in immediately, the emotional punch comes when you’ve given it a few more listens. Next up for the listening (deaf as a) post is Larry Gogan who could be an altogether tougher prospect given his predilection for single minute listening sessions but I’m sure Biggles will win out in the end. KD

Biggles Flys Again – Chambers

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Year: 2013

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