Swim Deep – She Changes The Weather

Swim Deep

Who knows, maybe God is a woman and she has finally decided that the cold snap should end so that we can finally end the minute-by-minute greasy cleanse from our children’s faces. Maybe not, but in the search to link real life events to the song you are about to hear that is the best I could come up. Swim Deep are a dream pop quartet from Birmingham (not something you’d readily put together, but then would you expect this sort of sound from a teenage troupe of Nirvana fans?) that are making lots of waves (ouch) and with a successful SXSW trip under their belts it appears as if their appeal is going transatlantic. On ‘She Changes The Weather’ it is all about lead singer Austin Williams, sure the piano refrain is pretty and the build is interesting but it is not until his vocals kick in that you realise that there is something special afoot. Gonna be a good Friday. KD

Swim Deep – She Changes The Weather

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Year: 2013

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