Gracie – Habits


There are obvious parallels between this and Paris Angels ‘Perfume’ but they may only be obvious to old timers that remember classics from a forgotten age. Namely one where the dancey bits tended to sound innovative in the context of a song that was for all the worth an indie anthem. Oh how we felt we were pushing the envelope as we cowered in the corner of the disco as soon as the ravers took control of the dancefloor, with their sweaty brows and fixed but welcoming stares. This was our chance to steal a march on them, a mix and match approach that saw our shapes been thrown like never before. But let’s get back to matters in hand and this particularly fetching audio from the Brooklyn based (via Philadelphia) Gracie who’ve just released their new EP called ‘Bleeder’. ‘Habits’ is utterly convincing, never rushing to make its point because the journey to the core is every bit as that molten centrepiece. KD

Gracie – Habits

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Year: 2013

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